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what is BIFMA certification

what is BIFMA?

BIFMA is the English abbreviation of The Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association which is a non-profit organization. As an information resource center and representative of the office furniture industry, BIFMA provides professional and extensive trade development opportunities for office and home furniture manufacturing industry.

BIFMA sets standards for office furniture's stability, strength and fatigue performance. Its standards are strict and perfect, and have won wide recognition.

The standard of BIFMA is known for its detailed criterion and strict technology, and has won wide recognition from the world. BIFMA 5.1-5.7 separately described the test contents and methods of office chairs, file cabinets, sofas, desks/tables, panel screens and small office and household furniture. BIFMA5.1 tests for office chairs include: chair back strength test, five-claw strength test, sandbag free fall impact test, rotation test swing mechanism fatigue test, chair seat fatigue impact test, stability test, armrest strength test, chair Back fatigue test, casters, five-claw fatigue test, chair leg strength test, foot pedal fatigue test, etc., and its severity is much higher than other similar standards.

The detailed and strict BIFMA standard is a high level of home and office products. In 5.2-5.7, the BIFMA standard also made strict regulations on file cabinets, sofas, and desks.

How can I benefit from BIFMA certificated products?

There are a lot of benefits can be listed as a reason to select BIFMA certificated products. Here for some example:
· No wonder that the first reason come to the author's mind is high quality — as all BIFMA certificated products are carefully tested and meet the high-level standard, they are doubtlessly competitive in quality.
· A long time of use — durability and strength are also included in BIFMA test. Therefore, BIFMA certification ensure a durability and long-lasting products which can be used for many years
· These products promote a healthy work environment. For example, the BIFMA certificated Clatina Chairs are all design ergonomically, which allows you to sit comfortably. A sedentary sitting will cause a pain from your back and neck. Clatina chairs will help reduce the discomfort from sitting, to increase efficiency and reduce sedentary injuries.
· Longer warranty — most BIFMA certified products carry a warranty of 5 years or longer

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