How can I get favorable price/gifts at – FURNGO

How can I get favorable price/gifts at

    1. By Quantity

The more you buy, the more discount you will enjoy. We also set VIP level for all customers. Levels depends on how much you spent. The higher level you reach, the more discount you will reach.

New Wholesale customers can conatct for further quotation.

    2. By Activities

Wholesale customers cannot reach this part, please believe that what we offer is the best we can do in regard with your Qty and item.

If you are a retail customer. We set a lot of activities for you to explore. Things can be listed as follow:

        2.1. Points

you can see this entrance at the bottom right:

      How does it work?

  • You can earn your points buy the campains we list. Sometimes in weekend, the points you earn will be doubled.
  • You will earn points every time when you place an order. points are depent on how much you spend.
  • You can convert your points to discount, or your special coupon code.

Note: Code can be used only once. You can not use another code if you have used one. Each kind of points code is limited in a reasonable range:

$5 OFF              $10 OFF             $20 OFF
over $20            over $50             over $100

What is more, Points Mall is considered to be launched in the future, where you can convert your points to some item as gift.

        2.2. Festival Discount

You can find it clearly in the home page.

        2.3. Every retail customer own a welcoming codeREGISTEROFFwith 15% OFF disount. you can use it anytime you want, but the code can only be used once.

        2.4. Email Subscribe: We here provide code: EMSUBCRIBE for each email subscriber with 10% OFF. email subscriber can also use it anytime when he/she wants, but the code can only be used once. 

You may receive some particular gift/code some time after your subscription at

        2.5. We will set surprise! come and explore!

        2.6. Continue to be upgraded...


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